The Real Secret: You’ve Been Manifesting All Along

Creative Force is at work all the time.

Let me tell you the real secret, you’ve been manifesting your entire life.  There is no magic formula for creating your life, we all do it every day.  Manifesting happens all day long, with every thought, word and deed.

Say What???

Yep, the only secret is that marketers want you to think it’s a secret.  Each and every day you open your eyes on this earth you are manifesting.  Your thoughts, habits, behaviors, words and actions all work in concert to manifest the life you are living.

But What About the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is real.  You’ve been subject to this law since you entered this world.  Like attracts like, it’s an immutable law of the universe.  If you are a negative person, you will naturally seek out confirmation that you are not alone.  Your peer group will consist largely of people who believe the same way you do.  This isn’t a mystery.  It’s like your mama said, “Birds of feather, flock together.”

Confirmation Bias

Our brains are wired to seek out confirmation of the things we already believe.  Think of it as giant ruts in the road your neurons travel along each day.  We form beliefs about ourselves and the world as children, not necessarily from our own experiences but from what others tell us about their experiences.  I grew up in a home where success was always just out of reach.  I watched my father drift from idea to idea looking for that one thing that would catapult him to fame and fortune.  My mother taught me that success and luck were always for other people.  In turn, I sought a path that would confirm this bias.  I blamed circumstances, other people and timing for why I wasn’t living the kind of life I wanted to live.  Always a day late and a dollar short. {sigh}  It was the salve that soothed my failures.  I just didn’t know how to unlock the secret to manifesting the life I really wanted.

We Want It To Be a Secret

Think about it, if manifesting the life of your dreams is a secret then you always have an excuse for not having it!  We want a safety net of “not my fault” or as I like to call it, “other people syndrome”.  Here’s how the internal dialogue goes, “Manifesting is something that ‘other people’ have mastered, they are able to do something that I can not.”  But this is a lie.  A huge, fat lie that steals, robs and destroys our desires.

It’s All About Personal Responsibility

We enter this life with the most precious gift from our Creator.  Free Will.  We are free to create the life we desire, and we always do.  The hard truth is accepting that we often want the easy way out more than our professed desires.  It all goes back to confirmation bias, that pesky tendency to affirm the things we already believe.  Grow into your free will, embrace it and create the life you were sent here to live.

Wait a Minute!

I am NOT saying that you have brought about all the tragedies that have befallen you because you manifested them.  Why?  Because of free will.  Everybody has it, not just you.  Sometimes we are the victim of another soul’s exercise of their free will.  And there is always that fickle finger of fate.  I do not believe that the person living under a despotic regime in a third-world country manifested the poverty they are living in.  If there is anything I am certain of it is that there are no absolutes in this existence and that profound misfortune can befall the innocent.

The Old 80/20 Principle

Think of it like the 80-20 rule, we manifest 80% (it’s probably closer to 95%…but hey, who’s counting?) of our lives by our beliefs, thoughts and actions.  The other 20% (or 5% 😉 can be chalked up to evildoers and happenstance.  BUT, you are still responsible for how you act, think, believe and yes, MANIFEST in response to the bad shit that happens in your life.

Get Excited

It’s pretty damn exciting when you realize that you have created the life you are living.  Even if it sucks right now.  Why?  Because it means you have power.  You are a powerful, exquisitely created being that shares the same creative traits as every other human that has ever lived!  The only difference between you and “other people” is what you are manifesting.  And that, friend, is no secret.

Want Proof That You’ve Been Manifesting Like a Pro?

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