The All In Entrepreneur


Most of us start out by dipping our toes in the water of our business idea. We start a blog, post here and there, create a few products and then wonder why we aren’t rocking it. I know, I’ve been in that exact spot. This blog has been in existence for several years and I’ve wiped its content 3 times! I’ve changed the focus, bounced around and just generally have sucked at making this blog into the bad ass help site I’ve dreamed it would be.

Warning:  Easily Distracted by Life & New Ideas

You see, I have shiny bauble syndrome. I love to learn new things, invent new products and generate ideas for businesses. I’m always skipping whimsically through my mental wonderland from one fabulous idea to the next. The problem with this is that I never stay focused long enough to actually accomplish helping the people I’m here to serve….and that would be YOU, friend.


I don’t have this problem at work.

I started thinking about my “real job” vs my “business” and comparing the way I treat each one respectively. I am a great employee. I never suffer from shiny bauble syndrome during the school year while I am expeditiously handling the thousand crises that occur daily on a school campus. I get shit done and done well.

So, I wondered why.

Why can I do it at school but not in my own business? I am also a wife and mother. I take care of a house full of people…cooking, cleaning and just generally being on top of everything. I don’t change my mind in the middle of cooking dinner and move onto a different recipe. I don’t start building a house (we are in the middle of a build right now) and then scrap it for a cooler floor plan. Why I am so good at follow through in my home but not in my business? Here’s what I came up with after months of careful observation and ruthless self-examination.

It all comes down to one thing.

I haven’t been ALL IN.

What does it mean to be ALL IN?

I like to think of myself as an all in kind of parent. I don’t half ass raise my kids, I do it with my whole heart. I love, nurture and care for those little people their entire lives (all of ours are grown but one…empty nest is looming on the horizon).  I am an all in employee. I don’t half ass my job. People depend on the accuracy of the work I do. School employees and students would suffer if I wasn’t all in.

All in means that I am committed. Period. No escape clause. I am going to do what it takes and see it through to the end. What that looks like might be different for you than it is for me, but it boils down to “No excuses, baby.”

The All In Entrepreneur

It was time to start treating my business like a part of the family. Because, you know, it kind of is. I look at this blog and it’s my offspring. My raw material, my design, my words, my heart, my soul…all coming together to create a new thing. And when I’m writing and creating, I think of you. I think about serving you, helping you and coming along side you. I get excited when you have a success, because it is ultimately my success too. We are partners, you and I. I can’t do what I do without you.

You, dear reader, are my muse.

Do you struggle with this too?

If you do, then you probably aren’t all in either.

It’s time to give your business the top spot on your otf (other-than-family) priority list.

Because, it really should be if you are serious about serving your target market and making a full time living. Why should your business work for you if you won’t work for it? This doesn’t mean that you neglect your outside employment or family to focus solely on growing your biz. It means that you stop right now and take inventory of the time you have today to devote to your business. Find the time. Do it now.

I work on my business for 1 hour before I head off to my school job and for 1 hour in the evening. Two hours a day may not seem like top priority, but it is at this season of my life. Once I stopped dabbling and committed to creating something to serve others every day (like writing this post!) everything started to move and shake.

It’s time to embrace your calling & your choices.

Many women minimize their business efforts, ranking it more as a “hobby” than their life’s work. We do this because, unfortunately, that is how we are conditioned by others to think. You might have a spouse, friends or family members that don’t take your business seriously. Society doesn’t always smile upon ambitious females. Fuck society. We make and shape society by our individual choices.

Let’s create a culture that celebrates an entrepreneurial spirit in women & girls and start helping each other accomplish our dreams.

As far as family and friends are concerned, I know its hard. I’m very fortunate, my spouse is supportive and often believes in me more than I do. I do have other family members that treat my business as a passing fancy, but honestly up until now I haven’t given them much of a reason to treat it otherwise.

Model how you want others to regard your business and I promise they will follow suit.

Do you model the attitude toward your business that you want others to? This is so important! We can’t treat our business with casual disregard and expect the people in our lives to take it more seriously than we do!

Create every day.

And I mean every, single day. No excuses. Even if it’s only 5 minutes…do something to move your business toward your goals every day. Even if it’s the weekend, you are on vacation….even on Christmas Day. So much of what we do in our lives is habit. We do so many things on a daily basis without even thinking about it. Let’s make a quick list…name 10 things you do every day without fail, here’s mine:

Make a quick list…name 10 things you do every day without fail, here’s mine:

1. Brush my teeth
2. Brush/fix my hair
3. Shower/ Get dressed
4. Brew and drink coffee
5. Prepare at least 2 meals (or go out to eat if on vacay or running errands)
6. Clean up the house—varying amounts of time (kitchen, bathroom, laundry)
7. Quiet/Meditation time
8. Kiss my husband
9. Love on my kids (in person, on the phone, via text, etc)
10. Take care of our animals

Now, add up the time your list takes. I bet you will be surprised!
1. 2 minutes
2. 10 minutes
3. 15 minutes
4. 15 minutes
5. 60 minutes
6. 30-60 minutes
7. 15-30 minutes
8. 🙂 5-60 minutes
9. 10 minutes
10. 20 minutes
Mine totals over 3 hours! Figure that your productive hours of the day total 12, that’s 1/4 of my day doing habitual things. I don’t even think about it. I could certainly add another time segment for my business.

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Want to learn all about Habit Stacking (this book gave me a huge boost in linking my daily routine with my business)?



Are you ready to go ALL IN?

Here are some next steps you can take.

Read Create Every Day—this is the practice that changed my life, not just my business. (coming soon!)

Join the Create Every Day Facebook Group—an intimate group of budding business owners, authors and creatives keeping each other on track. This is a community of like minded people where you will find support and lotsa love.