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5 Surprising Self Care Ideas

Self-Care is SO Important.

Our daily lives are filled with bombardments of stress, invisible energy waves (hello….those cell phone & WiFi signals go through your body all day long) and constant demands for our attention.  There are hundreds of blog posts, books and videos out there on taking time out for yourself in the midst of your hectic life.  The problem is, I don’t have time for most of their suggestions!  I don’t know about you, but I need quick, easy and most of all, effective suggestions for making my mental & physical wellbeing a priority. My search yielded some surprisingly quick, satisfying ideas that I was excited to try.

EMF, WiFi & Cell Phone Self Care

The jury is still out on the real, cumulative effects that low level radiation from cell phones, WiFi and the multitude of EMF we are surrounded by on a daily basis.  The preliminary results of most studies show that all of this electromagnetic energy could be hazardous to our health.  The frequencies that our brains operate on are closely mimicked by much of our current technology, bringing concerns about the impact on our mental health.  Avoiding these environmental factors is nearly impossible in our modern world, so take care to mitigate the impact of these stressors with these items.  I was amazed at the difference I could feel with the crystal protection!  I keep salt lamps in every bedroom and in my office too, couldn’t be without them now that I’ve experienced the benefits for myself.

Biometric Breathwork

What the heck is biometric breathwork, you ask?  It’s just a fancy name for using biofeedback and breathing exercises to reduce the cumulative effects of stress on the mind and body.  Breathwork is an often neglected part of our self care routine, we take breathing completely for granted until something impedes it.  Poor posture, obesity, inadequate sleep habits, smoking, vaping, drinking alcohol & caffeine all have a tremendous effect on our ability to breathe from our bellies instead of high in the chest.  There are tons of breathwork videos out favorites are the videos that demonstrate the Wim Hof method.   Watch and practice the breathing techniques in the following videos.  Once you’ve practiced the techniques, it’s time to experiment to find the best fit for your body.  Use a biometric reader to determine which technique is most effective in lowering your respiration rate, raising your oxygen levels and slowing your heart rate.

Waking Up to Light Instead of Sound

The circadian rhythm of our wake and sleep cycles are controlled in large part by the amount of light and dark of the season we are in.  Using noise based alarm clocks disrupts both our circadian rhythm and our sleep cycle stage.  Studies show that noise based alarm clocks (especially if you use the snooze function) are actually bad for us.  Use a light based alarm that mimics the rising sun to gently wake from your morning sleep cycles.  Waking with light sets you up for maximum performance by optimizing your naturally waking hormones.  Abruptly waking with a sound based alarm causes a jolt of stress hormones to course through your body…not the way to start your day.  Make waking to light a priority in your self care routine.


Creating a Cozy Space for Self Care

Everyone needs a space of their own.  Create a spot in your house that is all YOU.  A comfy chair, side table, accents, candles, mood lighting, notebooks, books, pens…..I could just go on forever!  What makes you feel like curling up with a good book, your journal and your favorite cup of joe?  Carve out a little corner somewhere in your house, yard, shed, garage or tree fort that is dedicated to your self care practice.

Keeping a Self Care Notebook or Journal

Tracking your self care routines and results isn’t just fun, it helps to reveal the practices that work best for YOU.  Stress is as individual as your fingerprints.  The things that stress me out might not bother you at all and vice versa.  Likewise, the rituals, routines & practices that alleviate your stress might not work as well for me.  Take my husband for example, when he is stressed he wants/needs to do something physical to release that energy.  He blows off steam chopping wood.  Chopping wood does NOT calm me down, quite the opposite, it riles me up even more.  When I’m stressed I need to ground, breath and meditate my way into a better place.  My husband would go nuts.  I started keeping track of the things that worked for me across the space of about a year.  I now have taken the best of what I learned and incorporated it into a self care practice that is tailored just for me.  I created the Self Care Workbook so you can do the same.  It is a 52 week workbook to make note of what’s working for you & what isn’t.  Take what you learn from it and you will never have to guess at what will make you zen AF.