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Do you want to start a blog? Are you looking to grow your existing blog?

You will quickly find that there are other blogs, courses, masterminds, Facebook groups, books, workshops, live events and conferences all bombarding you with their way to build a blog.  If you are aren’t careful you will wind up spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to wind up just as confused as you started!

I’ve been blogging & building blogs for over a decade.

I’ve answered hundreds of emails from clients, friends, family and co-workers about starting a blog or website.  Here are the questions I hear most often:

“There is so much conflicting information out there, where do I even start?”

“I’m overwhelmed with all the results on Pinterest.”

Here is where I point everyone to start—go sign up for Kindle Unlimited on their free 30 day trial.

Get all the secrets you will get in the expensive courses for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Unlimited allows you to read books by top bloggers and internet entrepreneurs.  You will get 99% of the information contained in 99% of the endless “start a blog” courses out there at absolutely no cost.  Free. Gratis.  I bet you will love it so much and will be so impressed with the things you learn that you will keep your KU beyond the trial.  I’ve paid for KU every month for years (it’s $10/month after the free trial) because I get truly amazing value out of it and I’ve earned thousands of dollars in income from the things that I’ve learned from the books I’ve read. 

Most of their “secrets” aren’t really a secret at all.

You’ll find most of the same content in the majority of courses out there….how many Pinterest courses have you seen advertised?  I can tell you that their content is nearly identical.  I know this because I get paid to take courses and evaluate them.  And, I’ve taken A LOT of courses.  The glut of “start a blog”, “grow your blog”, “monetize your blog” courses available are the same information you will get in the carefully curated Kindle Unlimited list I’ve created below.

You don’t need a Kindle to use Kindle Unlimited.

Nope.  I don’t have one.  I have the Kindle app on my iPad and iPhone (also available for Android) and read hundreds of books a year on those devices (they sync with each other…so I’m always on the right page no matter which device I’m using.) . You can also use the browser on your PC or Mac computer.  The video you will see in the next section was made using the browser app on my Mac.

Ready to see in action why you NEED Kindle Unlimited?

Get a notebook and label it “Blogging Books” (or whatever you want to….geez it’s your notebook, name it as you wish…I’m just bossy like that). Now, watch this quick video and I will show you exactly how to use all this juicy, free blogging information.


Here's the list of must-read Kindle Unlimited books for bloggers & internet entrepreneurs. Sign up for a free month on KU & read them all for free.

If you would rather buy them individually, click on the image.

Multi-Book Series

Single Books