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Find Your Creative Type


What is a creative?

A creative creates things, right?  Well, yes and not necessarily.  Creatives can be artists, soap makers, quilters, jewelers, sculptors (they create things) or they can be purveyors, lecturers, authors, workshop hosts, designers and coaches (they don’t necessarily create things). For our purposes a creative is the following: a person who earns all or part of their living through creative means.



The 4 Creative Types

The Artist

The artist is happiest in their studio.  They want to get their hands dirty; losing themselves for hours, or days, at a time in their creations.  Their creations are varied– some artists paint, draw or sculpt others use code to create games, words to create books or notes to create songs.  Edible delicacies, herbs, beers and wines can also emit from the artist’s studio.  The key identifier of the artist is the desire to make something with their hands and soul.

Artists often struggle with the business end of sharing their creations.  Self-promotion is typically uncomfortable or not even considered.

Here’s a great article to learn about ways to promote your work.

The Teacher

Does it light you up to share how to create something with others?  Teachers want to share all they’ve learned about creating.  They are often artists as well; starting out selling and sharing their creations then moving into teaching as an extension of their art.  The teacher finds their greatest satisfaction in guiding others creatively.

Teachers share their knowledge through blogging, writing, presentations, courses, speeches, demonstrations, live and virtual workshops.

By Regina has the best resource I’ve found for getting started as an infopreneur.

The Mentor

The mentor lives to help others find their creative path.  Most often mentors take the form of creative or life coaches.  They thrive on coming up with actionable plans for the clients.  They are typically not artists, rather they have traits of teachers with a spiritual bent.  Mentors work one on one with individual clients, conduct live and virtual workshops, hold seminars and often write, publish videos or podcasts.

Mentors work one on one with individual clients, conduct live and virtual workshops, hold seminars and often write, publish videos or podcasts.

My favorite example of a mentor is Marie Forleo, business and life coach extraordinaire.

The Collector

The collector appreciates beautiful things and enjoys sharing them with others.  Collectors are in their element on social media, creating gorgeous spreads showcasing the creative things they are passionate about.  The collector typically has a specific niche (such as fashion, sewing, cooking, baking, art, etc.) and their own blog to exhibit their collections on.

Collectors earn most of their revenue from commissions and affiliate link sales.

Polyvore is one of the most successful curated blogs.