Creative Superpowers: 5 Experiments that Prove You are More Powerful than You Ever Imagined

Stop it already. Your life is your creation.

Deny it all you want.  Blame your parents, your boss, your spouse, circumstances and foolish past choices.  It doesn’t change the truth.  You are a part of the Universe.  You were created in the image of the divine with all the creative force that goes along with it.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s have some fun.  Here are some fun experiments to show you just how powerful you really are.

Grow Longer!

Regardless of whether this is a visual trick, the power of thought and suggestion doesn’t differentiate.

No Peeking!

Yes, you can be hypnotized.  This just shows the true power of the mind and suggestion.  Imagine if you took this principle and really, really applied to your life.  What would you change?


Love, Hate & Indifference

Thought really is the foundation of all of creation.  Do you find that exciting or terrifying?


How Long is a Day?

24 hours is 24 hours, right?  Wrong.  We have the power to control how time is perceived in our minds.  Slow it down or speed it up, the choice is yours.


Give to Receive

What you give will always come back to you.  That’s the love of the Universe, that’s reaping and sowing and that’s a pretty awesome way to live.


Blessed be,


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