30 Days of Creative Business Journaling: Journal Prompts for Bloggers & Creative Entrepreneurs

Journaling is a huge part of my life. I write in my journals every single day, almost without exception.  I have anywhere between 3-8 journals going at any given time.  One of my favorite journals is my creative business journal. This is the journal that contains all of my blog post ideas, new books that […]

The All In Entrepreneur

  Most of us start out by dipping our toes in the water of our business idea. We start a blog, post here and there, create a few products and then wonder why we aren’t rocking it. I know, I’ve been in that exact spot. This blog has been in existence for several years and […]

Find Your Creative Type

  What is a creative? A creative creates things, right?  Well, yes and not necessarily.  Creatives can be artists, soap makers, quilters, jewelers, sculptors (they create things) or they can be purveyors, lecturers, authors, workshop hosts, designers and coaches (they don’t necessarily create things). For our purposes a creative is the following: a person who […]