30 Days of Creative Business Journaling: Journal Prompts for Bloggers & Creative Entrepreneurs

Journaling is a huge part of my life.

I write in my journals every single day, almost without exception.  I have anywhere between 3-8 journals going at any given time.  One of my favorite journals is my creative business journal. This is the journal that contains all of my blog post ideas, new books that I want to write, videos to film as well as free writing about my creative goals and accomplishments.  It is an amazing experience to record all the things you want to create, make and do in your business and then see them come to life.

Journaling has been one of the biggest keys to my success.

Keeping a creative business journal has allowed me to reach levels of success that I never dreamed were possible.  Toying with new ideas, sketching up what I want my website to look like, meditating on my clients and recording lessons learned along the way have all worked together to give me a deeper understanding of my creative business.  Being able to go back and read through the years of progress is just what the doctor ordered for those days when things don’t look so sunny.  It’s also a huge boost to your confidence when you can see where your goal started and follow it through to completion on the pages of your own creative business bullet journal.

30 Days to a sharper focus.

Following this 30 day journey will bring your creative business into sharper focus.  Are you ready to get started?  Grab a journal, blank notebook or whatever you like to write in.  {The only rule is that you must use paper, there is a special kind of magic that happens when your pen is in your hot little hands that doesn’t occur on the screen.}  I use a ton of digital tools in my creative process but nothing can substitute for the right-left brain connection that physically writing and drawing bring to the table.  Here are the bullet journals I use.

Get your supplies together.

You’ve got your paper, now grab your fav writing utensils.  I use my collection of 300+ gel pens because I love color and the feeling of the gel ink smoothly flowing onto the paper.  {Pencils are great too….when I’m sketching out designs for my blog, books, courses, etc I use pencil because erasers come in handy!} I also keep all of my stencils and stickers close at hand.  I’m super visual so I don’t just write; I sketch, doodle and freely use all kinds of mixed media.


Ready?  Let’s Begin.

{Click here for a printable version.}

Day 1:  What do you want out of your creative business?

Day 2:  Who do you want to serve?

Day 3:  What platforms will you use to reach them?

Day 4:  Are you blogging as often as you want to?

Day 5:  What are your favorite topics to blog about?

Day 6:  Are these the same topics that your readers respond to the most?

Day 7:  What is the next product/offering that you want to release?

Day 8:  List out all of the steps you need to get from today to launch day.

Day 9:  Did writing out the steps to your launch day help you?  Or did you feel overwhelmed?

Day 10:  How can you best serve your tribe today?

Day 11:  What is your primary struggle in accomplishing your creative business goals?

Day 12:  Imagine for a moment that you are ___________ (fill in the blank with a successful creative entrepreneur you admire), how would he/she handle the struggle you wrote about yesterday?

Day 13:  How would you most like to be remembered professionally?  

Day 14:  What impact do you want make on your microcosm of entrepreneurship?

Day 15:  If you could do anything you wanted to do today, what would it be?

Day 16:  How does your answer yesterday align with your creative business?  Does it make you reconsider anything?

Day 17:  Sketch out a week’s worth of content for your audience.  Think about how you can empower your reader at the same time as sharing how you can help.

Day 18:  How does your family feel about your creative business?

Day 19:  Does their support or lack of support affect your confidence?

Day 20:  How important is it to you that others buy into your vision?

Day 21:  Do you feel pressure from others to pursue a more conventional line of work?

Day 22:  How can your struggles help your audience?

Day 23:  Does your website look the way you want it to?  

Day 24:  List 10 things you want to improve in your business.

Day 25:  Pick 3 things from yesterday’s list.  Write or sketch out the new and improved version.

Day 26:  Who is your biggest fan?  

Day 27:  Do you offer the same support to them that they give to you?

Day 28:  The fastest way to become successful is to be consistent.  List 3 non-negotiable, must-do daily actions that will move you closer to your potential.

Day 29:  Reverse engineering is the secret sauce that successful creatives use all the time.  It’s how I learned to write books, code websites and design my own shit when I had way more time than $$ to invest in my business.  Choose a skill or asset that you really want to add to your creative business. Find someone who has done it well and try to break down what they did in your entry today.

Day 30:  Write about what you’ve learned on your 30 day journaling journey.  Now, turn it into a blog post or a social media post to share with YOUR audience.


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