Intentions aren’t enough.

Coaches and gurus laud the power of intentions as the “secret” to manifesting your dreams.  They are totally on the money, our thoughts and intentions DO matter A LOT.  BUT, it doesn’t stop there.  You’ve got to take action.  Sitting there visualizing and affirming that you want to attract to wealth & abundance to your life is great, but what steps are you taking to make it happen?  I’m all about aligning my energy, visualizing the end game and allowing the Universe to deliver.  I’m also all about doing the work required to get there.  I don’t know about you but I never got any mysterious checks in the mail from my morning visualizations.  I did, however, get big checks in the mail by following a step by step plan that aligned with my intentions.

Working with me.

I am not a life coach.  I’m a super-focused, results-driven, guide-across-the-desert-of-inaction, hold-your-hand, jump-of-the-edge-with-you…30 Day Coach™.  Working with me is super simple.  You have a dream.  You tell me all about it over coffee (really it’s a skype call, but coffee is always, always a part of it).  We talk about the steps you’ve taken, the steps you’ve been afraid to take and the junk that stands in between you and your dream.  We focus in on what you want to accomplish in your first 30 day foray towards your destiny.  Then, I doodle, sketch, free write, sleep, pray and meditate on it for a wee bit and come back to you with an uber focused, comprehensive, step by step 30 day plan to get you moving towards your highest, best life.  Each day you will receive an email reminder of your daily step, encouragement and accountability.  At the end of your 30 day journey we talk again about how it went, the amazing things you accomplished and the growth you experienced from aligning your actions with your intentions.


How much does 30 Day Coaching™ cost?

The investment is $795.  It is payable in full via an invoice that I will email to you.  Simply click to pay.  This secures your spot on my schedule.  I do not accept partial payments or deposits.  I never overbook and your start date is completely secure.

What does the process look like?

  1.  Fill out the reservation form at the end of this page.  If your situation is a good fit for this program we move to the next step, if I don’t think I can be of true service to you I may refer you to another coach.  It is important that you are clear on what you want, I don’t work with clients who are in the discovery phase.  I only work with clients who need help going from clarity (i.e.  you already know what you want to do/be/manifest) to creating (but you don’t know/are afraid of the steps you need to take to get there).
  2.  I will contact you to set up our Skype video conference (if you don’t have access to video conferencing we can conduct the conference via the phone.)
  3.  Your conference will last 60-90 minutes.  We’ll talk about all kinds of things, I want to know about you, your family, your work, your dreams and the boogie men who live in your closet.
  4.  I spend a week in contemplation, prayer and meditation about your journey.  I may have questions that come up during the time that I am designing your program.  I email you with any clarifying information that I need.
  5.  I design a completely unique, step by step 30 day action plan.  Your 30 day plan will include action items, writing exercises, a tracking calendar and a journal.  It will be delivered to you in it’s entirety one week after your conference.
  6.  You will also receive a daily email reminding you of the day’s action item, along with encouragement and accountability.
  7.  On day 31 you will receive an email to schedule our follow up conference.  This conference lasts about 30 minutes via Skype or phone.  We’ll talk about all the wonderful things you’ve done, learned and how you’ve grown.  We will also identify whether you would like an additional 30 day coaching session available at a discounted rate available to existing clients.

Let’s get started.

Ready to grab a spot on my schedule?  Fill out the form below.  I am currently booking for summer 2018.